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So, even though we need to find clergy, a florist, ceremony musicians, my shoes, and aerith needs to design his outfit, what have I been thinking about?  Centerpieces.  Especially after finding out we can have open flame as long as it's not a taper candle.

So I was thinking that a pillar candle on a nice base would look really nice and have some of that medieval/renaissance feel to it.

Then I was thinking that if the holder already had flowers or a nice design that would save on the flower cost.
First I saw this one:

which is nice, but then i was thinking something lower with a wider base would be better, so then I found this one on eBay:

which I really really liked.  It took me for ever, but I finally tracked it down for regular sale here.  However, I don't think it looks as nice in the picture from that site:

Thus I am conflicted.  But at least I have an idea in my head of what i'm looking for and I know it's out there.  Bargan shops, here I come.  I actually had a dream last night that I was looking for that holder and it was in this big glass display that was very complicted and i was trying to point it out to the salesman, but he kept missing it.

Also I was thinking that having the table cards placed inside of castles like these would be really cute:
This one the card goes in the top of the castle.

This one has an arm above it that holds the card.
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