Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

The weekend went well.

Friday Aerith and I took the Frenchman to see "The Incredables" for his birthday. deryvan, his ~l, reverandtom, and ionia_dreaming also showed up. What a fun movie. Everyone should see it. Oh, and there was a preview for Star Wars Ep III. It looks really dark. *Squeeee*. There was only one thing that I didn't like about the movie. How come when the really adorable goth chick finally gained confidence about her powers she had to start wearing pink clothing, including a pink hairband, and only then did the cute guy notice her??? It's like in the Breakfast Club when Claire removes Alison's black eyeliner and stuff and only then does Andrew think that she's cute. Grrrrr.... why can't they be noticed for themselves when they're gothy? what kind of message does that give to young girls? Dress in black and you don't get the boys??

Saturday Aerith and I went down to Kiten and Dr. J's housewarming. Was good and fun. Saw most of "Shaun of the Dead." hehehehehehe. there was only one bit that I had to cover my eyes (mostly) during.

Sunday was a chill day. Which was needed.

Yesterday I watched "Down With Love" (ah, HBO onDemand!). It was cute. The best part about it was the split screen of the main to characters talking on the phone that was full of sexual inuendos.

Then I had an interview at the UMass Credit Union. I think that it went pretty well. I hope it went well. I was talking with the guys there for over an hour, always a good sign...right???

After that I returned some library books and then the Frenchman came over. He played more Kingdom Hearts while I studied. I have completed studying Algebra I. Hurray. When Aerith got home from work it was more Kingdom Hearts for them and then chinese food and watching "Trading Spaces: they really hated it" from New Orleans. :) I didn't think the room was that bad...except for the weird ovals on the ceiling and the blue couch covering and drapes (the room was red and yellow).

The plan for today:

  • Study for the Math MTELs
  • Eat lunch
  • Look for a job
  • Go to the gym
  • Maybe go to the poly-meetup

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