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inabag1The monsters turned 7 months on saturday. Boris is getting huge...and shedding. Natasha is smaller, but adorable.

They are so cute. I have so many stories about the two of them, but i always forget to post.

They always coming running up the stairs in the morning purring. Boris will just flop over and start to purr. He'll also purr if you put your foot on his tummy. He's funny like that. His favorite toy is this purple feather on a stick. He'll chase it around for ever and ever and he when he catches it, he takes it in his mouth and starts growling. it's so cute! he also sleeps in some of the strangest positions. And being the boy cat, he is sometimes double-plus-not-good. For example, he figured out that he can 1) move the piece of wood that we have over the bathroom sink to stop them from using it as their bathroom (the litterbox is right there!) and 2) he's figured out how to open the cabinets that are at his level, but at least the food isn't any of the ones he can open. I've also caught him on the kitchen counters once or twice, but not recently.

Natasha, is our picky eater. she only likes chicken and beef. but if you're browning red meat on the stove, she'll come over and mew for a piece of it. it's really adorable. Her favorite toys are twisted up pipe cleaners which she'll carry around in her mouth and sometimes play fetch with. She also coos when she jumps up on things. it's really cute. and when she's in a cuddly mood, she'll nurse on your clothing, if you let her. I'm trying to break her of the habit, but it's not an easy thing to do.

bothwithmeBoth of them LOVE catnip. Once they smell it, they will try to knock the container out of our hands. And they like to play with the laser pointers. They'll run around the whole house chasing after that red dot. If you point the red dot where they can't get to it, then they both make akk-akk-akk sounds, as if they were trying to call down a bird. Also, they'll mew if they want attention, either from us or from each other. And they play pretty well together.

Once I came downstairs and they had their paws around each other's necks and were grooming each other. it was too cute...but i wasn't able to get a picture of it.

The other day, there was a cat outside the glass door and the two of them were both pawing at the door trying to get at the cat. Aerith and I picked them up and took them away from the window, but when we put them down, they went right back to trying to say hi to that other cat.

Thus I will end the tale/tail of my monsters (although I'm sure there are more to tell) and go play with them for a while.
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