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when it rains

I get home from the first day at my temp-to-hire will-be-second-shift-after-training-is-over job to find out that I got the job at the Credit Union that I really really wanted. Now this job is 8am-12pm and it's marketing and it sounds so wonderfuly for me. Thus, as long as I can start doing second shift at the other job, I could technically work both jobs. And that would mean MAD money coming in. of course i'd be working 60 hours a week and so i'd probably never be any fun...but it could work. I hope. Unfortunatly I can't get the day after thanksgiving off. poo.

however, i just talked to my new boss at the credit union and he said that I can start that job on the 29th of Nov (as next week being a weird week, it's better for me to start after it).

so, now to go to the temp-to-hire job and tell them that after next week I need to go to either part-time or second shift.

I can do this.
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