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well, that's that

I quit the AAA job today.

They were dicking me around big time. And I really didn't like it there. And it really wouldn't have worked with me working at UMass Credit Union in the mornings.

Of course this made me a nervous wreck today. Espcially after I called the temp agency to tell them/apologise that I just couldn't do it. I had called them yesterday to see if they could talk to AAA about me working part-time there, but last night I realized I just didn't want to be there. you know, the AAA people didn't even talk to me about the part-time thing earlier in the day. And after the call to the temp agency, no one even came to talk to me. I finally called the temp agency back after an hour of waiting (b/c you're supposed to let the temp people tell the people you're working for what's going on). They told me it was ok to get my time card signed by my supervisor. So I finally did. And he said that he just found out and he signed it.

I'm so glad that I left.

It would have been mad money if I could have worked there, but it just would have driven me insane!

Still, I've never quit a job before. I've definatly never told someone I was leaving and just walked out the door that day.

I did the right thing. why do i still feel like shit??
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