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first day of work

Had my first day at the Credit Union. I think I'm gonna like it there (except for the fact that I can't wear my nose ring). I wish the job was full time...oh well. But I get benefits starting TODAY! And the people there seem cool. And they have this really nifty coffee machine. Of course I started off the day in a stellar way by spilling coffee on me...the travel mug i was given was broken. bleh. But the rest of the day went well. I'm sharing a workspace with someone so i'm not really sure how much room I have to set up my things or how much I am allowed to reorganize. But I'm sure I'll learn in time.

I'm so glad I quit AAA. I couldn't imagine being there now taking calls. It would drive me insane.

And now, the list for today:

  • eat lunch
  • call Temp bennie place to cancel that insurance...must do so in writing. have fax #
  • call temp agency 1 and see what's up
  • Call kiten
  • clean litter boxes
  • go to store. buy groceries and get gas
  • clean oven
  • e-mail clergy (i know...i haven't done it yet)
  • go to walmart (and maybe target) with lordaerith after he gets home from work to buy some inexpensive work clothing

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