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no real substance

I've been busy w/new job and life and stuff. Munin said to me on friday night that it seemed that i was happy and i had to answer that yes, i really was. :)

but now, a to do list b/c i have a lot i don't want to forget to do today:

  • Cold wash
  • fill out unemployment stuff
  • eat lunch
  • make list of clergy to email
  • play with iPod more
  • work on present for the Frenchman
  • go to library
  • go by insurance people
  • find chanukah candles for tomorrow night
  • go grocery shopping with lordaerith after he gets home from work
  • go to Pagan Potluck

edit: being that it is now snowing out, i don't wanna do the going out things that i have to do. at least i got the laundry done
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