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I'm posting via e-mail from work. Let's see if this works :)

celebrated Chanukah last night with lordaerith, safirerings, stickum, and the Frenchman. mortisnightmare and prenatalbrat were supposed to come also, but the weather was bad, so they couldn't. We lit the menorah and safire and i made latkahs. They came out really well thanks to the amazing shredder attachment for my bright red kitchen-aid mixer. Yummy latkahs. my whole house smells like them. Then we were going to play draddle for the gelt that we had, but a)we didn't have a draddle (we did think about using a d4...yup, gamer dorks-r-us) and b)stick and safire had to leave early to go to study group. but it was nice to celebrate and have people over. I even got to give the frenchman the first part of his present. :)

Back to work.

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