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chrisvenus, you are so cool!

chrisvenus is really cool because he's from England and as we all know, the English are much cooler than us Americans are.

Actually, chrisvenus is a really sweet guy who was really nice to me when I was in England. He put up with my silly and garish American ways. He even took me on a date once to a pub where they had flavored condoms in the bathroom. I remember there were "strawberries and cream" and "whiskey" ones. Unfortunately, things never got close to a point where we would have the opportunity to use one of them, but I'm glad that we stayed friends.

chrisvenus is one of the few people who I met in England that I still keep in contact with. He also was open to the idea of me throwing hermionesviolin at him when she went to England too. He keeps threatening to visit me in the States. Maybe one day he'll make good on that threat.

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