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All Fired Up

My department (all 3 of us) went to All Fired Up for a department holiday lunch.

It was pretty good.

It's one of those "all you can eat and they'll grill it in front of you" type of places, like Fire and Ice. It's in the location of the old chinese resturant on Rt. 9. They really did a nice job with the space. The old dance floor area is the huge grill and where all the food is area. The colors are very basic and it does have some of that angle thing like Fire and Ice, but not nearly as intense.

The food was pretty good. There wasn't a gigantic variety, probably b/c it was just for lunch (although the place got pretty busy). But there definatly was enough to really be able to customize your meal. And the sauces are laid out mild to hot so you can find what you're looking for. The sauces all seemed pretty good. I had the plum sweet+sour the first time and the terriaki the second time.

Also, with this place, you don't have to stand at the grill while they make your food. They give you a little sticky note w/your table # on it, and you can just leave your food there and get a salad from the salad bar to eat while you're waiting.

They also have regular menu items, but I didn't look at them b/c I wanted the grill instead.

Overall, I'd go there again. althought I think i'd try to go for lunch b/c it's cheeper. Oh, and i want to try the bruch sometime. Same idea, but with brunch food like omlettes and things.

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