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home again home again

Am home. v. tired. v. glad flight home went smoothly as did not want to see any more of Cincinatti airport than nessisary.

trip went well (after the 37 hours of traveling). got to see daddy and cimmy and cimmy's man, Z, who is a surfer and blows glass. saw San Diego and the Zoo (with koalas and pandas and big kitties) and beaches and open-air malls.

got new clothing for work thanks to a special no-camera episode of "what not to wear" staring me as confused girl who needs clothing for work and Cimmy as wonderful fashion expert who showed me the way.

thanks to rev. tom and his lady for watching the monsters and the frenchman for the driving too and picking up from the airport.

now to say hi to kitties some more (gods, i missed them) and to unpack everything.

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