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37 hours of travel

OMG! what an insane trip just to get to San Diego. For those who didn't listen to my phone posts, I will sum up.

lordaerith and I get to Hartford around 12:30pm for our 1:30 flight. Find out the flights been delayed. It gets delayed some more for various reasons. Finally we get on the flight and get to Cincinnati around 9pm. Totally missed our connecting flight which should have left at 4:50 and ended up leaving at 7:15 anyway. by now we have a flight at 9am to San Diego. There's no way we can get our bags but they give us a voucher for a hotel and an overnight kit w/toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

Get down to the shuttle area. It's COLD out. everytime we try to get on a shuttle it gets packed way before we can get on it. We meet Grandma Mary who is really nice and fun to talk to. Finally when a shuttle comes around again, Grandma Mary gets on it and calls for her grandkids (us) so we get to get on the shuttle with her. it's snowing like crazy out.

We get to the hotel (it's now past 10pm) and check in and stuff. The hotel kitchen is closed. So we walk (in the sleet and snow) to Applebees to get food and find out their kitchen is closed too. We go back to the hotel and have vending machine food and ice cream for dinner. Then we go to bed.

We get up around 7am and find out that not only is there a "level 3 - no one is allowed on the roads" emergency, but Delta ran out of de-icer some time in middle of the night and now all flights are delayed until at least 11am. So, we get ready, hop a shuttle to the airport and see the line...we try to skip the line b/c we were told that our new itnerary sheets would get us through security...they don't.

So, at about 8:15 we get in line.

At 8:30, the line behind us and the line infront of us looked
line behind us

the line infront of us

We run into Grandma Mary around 8:30, but she had a bording pass, so we told her that she could get through security.

By 9am we could see the terminal room with the check in booths.


2 hours later we were about half way across the terminal room. We've met some really intersting people by this time, a couple from Sweeden, some Italians, and others.


By 12:30 we were in the switch-back line. This means that we had slowly crossed all the way to the far wall (where the mosaic was in the last picture) and now had to go back and forth to get to talk to someone.

see the kiosks

We finally get to someone around 1pm. By that time we just go up to him and say, "Get us to San Diego...or if we can't get there, Los Angeles." Hell, at this point we were ready to fly to Vagas or Phoenix, just anywhere on the west cost. The guy told us that since our flight had been canceled, we were booked on flights for the NEXT morning from CVG to Philly, from Philly to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to San Diego...but before we burst into fits of hysterical laugher he told us that he could do better than that and put us on a direct flight to San Diego that was leaving at 4:50...does that time sound familiar to anyone else? Just to be sure we were getting out of CVG that night, we were also booked on a 7pm trip to LA as a backup.

With the magical bording passes in hand we got through security with no problem (and no line). We go to Terminal B and Aerith finally gets the steak and a beer from The Outback Stakehouse that he's been wanting since the night before. Everyone working there had been there for too long. Our waiter was totally hung over.


After the food, we go to our gate (we see lots of people on cots). But there's no plane there. I go and find this really nice Delta guy about it while Aerith watches our stuff and our phones charge (hurray for bringing the charger with me). I block the sunlight so the guy can read his computer better (he says that he's going to hire me and that he won't let me leave *G*) and find out we're leaving from a different gate. So we get our stuff over to that gate.

The snow

At that gate, we can see that the plane is there. Hurray. We meet N, the gay boy from Mississippi who is dressed like he belongs in the Newsies and getting a grad degree in experimental physcology. N is loud and funny and trying to get to Atlanta and then home.

The the plane gets delayed. Why? First the flight crew for our plane are stuck on another plan that doesn't gave a gate to go to so they have to send out a transport vehical to get everyone off of that plane. FINALLY (around 6ish) we get on the plane. Then the plane doesn't pull back with the first tug. They have to get a larger tug. We get that tug and the plane is away from the gate. But then, the engines won't start b/c while there is auxillery power, there isn't enough air coming through to get the engines to turn over. what!!! And of course over half of the trucks for this sort of thing are out b/c they were overworked the night before.

Eventually the engines start and we have a nice flight to San Diego where they play Elf (i was making up words to the scenes) and I fall asleep quickly, all cuddled up against Aeirth (we have 3 seats for the 2 of us). At one point I wake up and am v. confused b/c they had changed movies to "Without a Paddle" or whatever it's called, but I thought it was still Elf for a while... Anyway, the flight is smooth as anything, and we get to San Diego around 9pm local time (27 hours late). Our bags are eventually found by the wonderful Aerith and we get back to dad's house where food and Cimmy and Z await us. We eat, chat, and collapse into bed.

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