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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all.

lordaerith and I ended up throwing an impromtu party on New Years Eve with omnia_mutantur, wandelrust, their friend Kel, pyramus, threegee, verbena76, and artemis42 in attendance.

For details of the night you can visit their see the alcohol list, visit lordaerith's. I do believe we achived optimal drunkeness.

As for 2004, it started and ended with me passing tests that I needed to take to help me further my academic/professional life. Job wise it saw a crapy job, a job for a week, and a job that i am absolutly in love with. Personally things are still wonderful with aerith and the wedding planning is going well (even if we're a bit behind on some things). Also the addition of the Frenchman has been truely terrific. It wasn't a perfect year, although I did have a better April 5 than the past two years. I finally got to visit the west cost and now aerith and I have a wonderful airport story. Best of all, I think i got by without any major toe injuries.

A few weeks ago, muninwing looked at me and said that I looked really happy. And I responded that, yeah, I really was.

In 2005, I hope to be able to have some idea about where my professional life is really going. I want to expand my circle of friends and spend more time with those friends who I don't see as much as i'd like to. Oh, and in 6 months and less than 18 days I'll be getting married to the most wonderful partner I could even hope to wish for.

p.s. pictures of San Diego are up here. More pictures will be up as soon as I a) edit them and b) move some stuff around, as I seemed to have maxed out the space alotted to that username.

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