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VeriCon (the summary)

written last week

I drove down on Friday night. Aerith and I stopped for Wendy's. Ewwy food. and we got a knife instead of a spoon for my frosty. Had to wait until it was melty to drink it. But the drive there was good. Hurray for hooking up Sharon the iPod to the stereo. And Rt 2 wasn't so awful. I only got us almost killed once. Stupid round-abouts. But we found parking in a nice looking (if expensive) lot near Harvard and walked there. We showed up at the end of the Firefly larp. Aerith and I really wanted to walk in shouting, "Alliance, everybody freeze!" or find some blue gloves or something. But we were good and hung back.

After the LARP we went out for bad chinese food with daobear and friends. Ah, gamers. the same everywhere.

Then Aerith, daobear, and I walked back to daobear's place where we chatted for a bit and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we walked back over to Harvard and got there just in time for me to join the capture-the-flag-with-stuff game. I was on the yellow team. I had the long arm of the law wand so I could defend the sneeky back way to our jail. My team won the first round and then it was time for the 1st pannel.

The first pannel was on "The Taboo of Sex in SF/F." There was this editor from TOR who dominated a lot of it. But some intellegent things were said. Some were obvious: don't put in a sex scene if it's not really important to the plot.

written today...let's see if I can remember what I was talking about

I asked Jacqueline Carey if she's found that because of her writing people are able to talk about such things as BDSM. She said that she's often been thanked for giving people vocabluary who didn't have words for what they felt. However, I did notice that even though the pannelist were talking about writing about a taboo subject, they often used metaphors or skirted around saying explicit things.

After the pannel, aerith and I went up to Jacqueline Carey to talk to her. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask her, but I totally forgot most of them... I did thank her for writing something that really meant so much to me.

Then we went to lunch. However, aerith's favorite sandwich place in the Garage has closed :(. Then aerith and I got our books, jagienka's book, and a marque that Elsha drew for Cimmy signed by Jacqueline Carey. She was very grasious and signed all of it.

After that aerith and I hung out for a while at the Con. We watched a bit of Munchkin Fu and i fell asleep watching a video game about rolling a ball around and picking up buildings and squids. very weird.

Then it was time for the pannel on "Fantasy and Convention." It was a good pannel also, and more organized that the first one. The pannelist talked about when conventions are good to use (so you don't have to use tons of time explaining something again) and when it's bad b/c they are a cheep shortcut. Jacqueline mentioned how she perpously went out and researched a lot of fantasy conventions when she was writing "Banewreaker." I think that's what a lot of people who critized it on missed. She perpously wrote her story with those conventions, from the prolouge, to the innocent farmboy, to the "evil" with some sort of grevous wound, so that she could retell the story as a tragedy. And she does it beautifully.

After the pannel, aerith, daobear, and I went out for dinner. Then aerith and I payed way too much for parking near Harvard Square and he drove us home (b/c he had to work the next morning).

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