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OMG! So tired!!!

My temp job at UMass Death Services ended last week!! Hurray!!! I have leads on two part-time jobs through the temp agency. We'll see what pans out.

Saturday was msfrizz's birthday. woke her up nice and early with a silly birthday song. Then aerith and I drove down to CT and he spent time with doctorjekyll while I spent time with kiten and her other bridesmaids at David's Bridal finding a bridesmaid dress for her wedding. The 4 of us who were there found a dress that we really like. I'd post a picture of it, but I think that would be rude to her, since she hasn't posted one yet.

After that Aerith and I went to a party where we met a lot of cool new people and didn't get home until 4 in the morning.

Sunday was doctorjekyll's game. We really need to put a leash on liszard's halfling. So far she has wandered ALONE into the sewers and unleashed a flesh golum...which almost killed us all. At least I got some of my rapid fire to work. One step closer to becoming Legolas! Due to game and people hanging out afterwards, I didn't get to sleep until midnight.

Monday aerith and i were SUPPOSED to get to bed early. 11something isn't early. Of course that was completely jagienka's fault. How dare she visit from California :)

Tuesday was Mardi Gras! Mom had sent me a box of beads and things, so I brought some to work. At first I was just going to give them out...but then I realized that that was not in the spirit of things. So I put them all around my neck and started giving them out for kisses on the cheek. hehehe. I had sooo much fun doing that that I decided to go to Haven. I burned some cds for Addam, while listening to Mardi Gras music and took a nap. Then I put on a really cute outfit consiting of my black pesant top, tight purple pants, a cat tail, and the red cat mask that my dad got me from TragiComica (they did the masks for Eyes Wide Shut, which I haven't seen). Then I put on almost all of the rest of the beads my mother sent me. They were so heavy, but it made me really feel like it was Mardi Gras. I got to Haven and and started giving out beads for kisses. I tried to give them mostly to friends and to people who looked a little shy or uncomfortable about showing tits, or to guys. I had a TON of fun, and ened up with a lot of lipstick on my cheek. too bad zale is working right now and so can't send me my photos. edit: Zale sent me the photos. They are now uploaded in my lj photogallery. I really enjoyed giving the beads away. At one point someone started to show me her tits for beads, but I stopped her and told her all I wanted was a kiss. She said that she was relieved and we spent some time talking about classy vs. trashy moods when it comes to Mardi Gras. I also brought the djs some mardi gras dabloons and frizbees and a cd of mardi gras music. :) The only bad point in the evening was when I was trying to give away my last set of beads (except for my good set that I was keeping for myself) and some guy came up to me and asked if his girlfriend could see my boobs for beads. Now, let me explain something here: I have never ever flashed for beads at Mardi Gras. If the guys on the floats tried to get me to do it, I would give them the finger. So, I say to this guy, "FUCK NO" in a really harsh voice, turn on my heal and walk away. I think he was a bit shocked. At least that was all I did. I really wanted to say to him, "what do you think I am? A fucking tourist?? I'm a local, buddy. Now fuck off!" I calmed down quickly however, and gave my last pair of beads to a cute boy in an army looking black jacket. After I ran out of beads, I hung out a little longer, but I was actually home before midnight (I had to explain why mardi gras is in the winter to someone as I was leaving Haven. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows what it's about).

Yesterday I was so tired from all the staying up late of the past few days that I was in bed reading by 7:30 and asleep by 8:30. Of course I still wasn't feeling 100% this morning, but I was feeling somewhat better.

Tonight is Trek. This will be the last trek on Thursday nights. It's moving to Tuesday nights from now on. You have been warned :)

p.s. I have created curve_and_dent for people w/scoliosis to bitch about finding clothing and stuff.

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