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"oh my giddy aunt"

So, remember how last week I said that I was tired and not feeling well? well, it decided to become a full blown sickness while watching "Chronicals of Riddick" with people on friday night. Made the movie really bizzar. Of course I had a minnor freakout about how I couldn't be sick over the weekend b/c there were so many things to do.

Saturday I woke up at about 1am, covered in sweat, but i felt better. Saturday morning I felt quite a bit better, but not 100%. Still, we decided to go to the florist. I'm glad we did. We got a lot of things settled. I feel like a great weight is gone b/c the flower people really know a lot about flower things and we don't have to get them fabric samples until april!

Then came home and we all watched "A Knights Tale" and then "What a Girl Wants" was on tv, so I just had to subject everyone to that. In both movies someone says "Oh, my giddy aunt" *giggle*

Sunday was fabric shopping for the waters. I think we finally settled on fabric that made both of them happy. kiten's skirt is going to look really awesome! Came home, played video games, passed out, ate, and watched "lilo and stitch" (again). Missed the newest ep of "Carnivale" but can catch it later this week.

As I was going to bed, my cards called to me. I did a really interesting reading for Aerith. I hope that it helped him sort some stuff out.

Today is V-day. But I think it will be spent eating chicken soup and resting.

Tomorrow is Trek (on it's NEW night).

The rest of the week should be pretty quiet.

This weekend coming up will be the fabric picking for the airs and earths. the weekend after that will be the fires.

ok, going to fall over now.
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