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Got home about an hour ago. Ended up flying into Boston b/c they weren't doing any flghts into Hartford. Having 3-4 flights cancled on you before you even get to the airport and all your flights that you are actually taking delayed is not fun. Then the snow on the pike made driving so bad that the Frenchman and I actually stayed in a motel near Worcester b/c getting home would have been too stressful.

I'd write more about the weekend, but queencimmy did a pretty good job at summing it up. Only a few differences: aenelein and I helped mom get all of grandpa's stuff on saturday and we arranged flowers for the service. And instead of going out with friends, I worked on getting the new printer/scanner set up (kicks it again) on saturday night and I passed out after dinner on sunday so i didn't get to watch any of the Oscars. But 3 servings of crawfish at Deenies. ah, bliss!

Now to shower and eat and go to interview.

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