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rollercoster week

Had a week full of ups and downs. Probably b/c George's visit always complicates things. But since i don't really feel like going into full detail, here is the quick recap:

The Bad
*George's visit
*Some drama that didn't affect me directly, but reading about it (which I shouldn't have) pulled the scabs off some old wound and poured salt in them. This sent me reeling for a good part of the week, espcially since some of those old wounds were already coming to the surface for other reasons.
*The loss of a friendship.
*The end of Trek nights.
*Snow, snow, snow and more snow

The Good
*Starting a new job, working w/kjpepper.
*Being crazy busy at CU job, and getting a "casual day" card since I was able to completely recreate them to look like the origionals (the boss saved over the old file).
*Having a good talk with artemis42. It's nice to know we're on the same page. There will be giggling!!!
*Doing lots of wedding stuff (this gets it's own post)
*Getting time with the Frenchman
*Getting my teaching licensure in the mail.
*The possibilty of Trek nights becoming Twin Peaks nights.

Today I've spent a lot of the time I've had alone working on stuff. Finally caved in and got more user pics when queencimmy bought me another year of paid time.
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