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what a weekend

On thursday I found out that I have access to TORI TICKETS! I have never seen tori in concert. I am muchly excited!

Friday at the C.U. my boss's boss (grandboss??) took my boss and I out to lunch at the Monkey Bar. The food was ok. The dessert i had was so cool. It was call the pyramid and it was a chocolate pyramid with chocolate and hazelnut moose inside. I took pictures w/my phone, but I can't figure out how to get my phone's e-mail working to send them to myself.

Friday night Aerith and I got some good wedding talking done (we made lists). Then we visited with artemis42 and I got to see the Leslie-Ann Warren Cinderella, but the tape didn't have the overture.

Saturday some guys came over and played video games and stuff while I collected addresses for wedding invitations (there are still a bunch that I need). And the frenchman was around...I hadn't really seen him in a week.

This morning was really...good. I made waffles. yum. I wish i had a bigger waffle iron. well, another thing for the registry. Aerith and I were supposed to go to Linen n Things, but his shoulder was really hurting him, so we stayed home, watched Lost in Translation (which i liked a lot, thanks artemis!), and then the frenchman played on Kingdom Hearts.

After the frenchman left, Aerith and I watched Eurotrip b/c it was on hbo on demand. it was really painful. I'm glad we didn't have to pay more than our monthy cable bill to see it.

Overall, things are going really really well in my life. Yeah, I'd say things are pretty close to perfect right about now. and i can't wait for the wedding!

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