Athene Numphe (athene) wrote,
Athene Numphe

talks and vases

People being over was very nice last night. Got to see my safirerings. I miss'd her. Sorry I couldn't spend more time talking with her. Also it was very very good to see Munin. we had a really good conversation that I think we both needed to have. Commiseration. But I look at my life and where I am and I am thankful for my friends and loves and family and house and the fact that I finally feel like my life is really getting back on track. I'm still scared of April 5 (it's two weeks away), but I know it will be easier this year than last year.

Right when I was about to go to bed (already late at night), the stupid boy-tub-of-lard cat broke the vase that held the flower omnia gave me earlier that night. I was sooooo mad at him. It took me another hour to calm down.

Right, off to do arts and crafts for the CU. Then this afternoon is tabling for the web job and hopefully some time with the Frenchman after that.

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