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*le sigh*

Was a soggy day in NYC when queencimmy and I headed down to try to find shoes for the wedding. Met up with my cousin whom I haven't seen since I was 18. The three of us walked up and down St. Marks and 8th Street, but to no avail. The shoes I was hoping to find were not there. There were some shoes at Trash & Vaudeville that were so close and some shoes at a few shoe places on 8th street (including an almost perfect pair of Fausta Moretti shoes in Eventi which weren't in my size b/c it was the end of the season and they only had what they had on the shelves) which were almost right. And of course the moment that it started raining really hard was right when we hit the shoe area of 8th. *sigh* At least I tried. I had to know. And now I do. The shoes I want exist as parts of other shoes, however the full shoe is not the shoe of this/last season. oh well. I'll probably just get the dyable shoe that's almost right and find a cobbler to make inserts to make it narrower. *sigh* hey, it's not like anyone's really gonna see them under my dress, right?

For a little pick-me-up and to surprise inacorner we got something special, which i'm not going to say right now b/c i want to surprise my people with it when i get back home tomorrow...but WOW! and OMG!

Also found some really nice suspension cuffs at this little fetish store, but they were much money. :(

ok, time for the sleeping and then the waking up tomorrow and driving home in the rain. at least I now know the quick way down and back. cuts about an hour of driving out of the trip.

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