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the surprise and 15

So, the surprise was cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery. Sooooo orgasmic. artemis42 said she's had such a sexual response to food before (and this was after they sat for almost a day...I did put them in a fridge overnight). So far I have tried every combination of chocolate/vanilla cake/icing there is except for the vanilla/vanilla (aerith and I spilt a few this afternoon). I think that I actually like the chocolate with vanilla icing the best. Well, I still have a few of them left, but I think they'll be gone soon (I am saving a vanilla/vanilla for the Frenchman (since he doesn't like chocolate).

I must thank kjpepper again for telling me about the 15/Meritt Parkway shortcut. Only took me 2.5 hours to get to SLC and 2 hours to get home, cutting 1-1.5 hours from my trip. And the drive's a lot nicer. Got to love the no trackter-trailers rule.

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