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of cute boys and Minnie Driver

Work1 was crazy busy today.
work2 was going to a trade show.

On the way to the trade show I stoped off at CostCo to some stuff. Wound up with the "Really cute men" DVD set for under $17. Cruise, Pitt, Bana, and Bloom. Could you pass that up? I couldn't. of course this means that I know own a copy of Troy...*ducks*

At the Trade show i got ambushed (and by ambushed I mean they offered and i accepted) by some beauty school girls to have an "up do" done on my hair. It actually came out really cool. Both kjpepper and lordaerith said that I looked like Minnie Driver from Grosse Point Blank. aerith took pictures, which I'll post as soon as I get my hands on them.

It was so nice out when I got home that aerith and I a bbq. hurray! charred cow flesh with mashed potatos and asparagus. yummy!

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