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of Gods of War and Six Flags

Friday night came home from work craving pizza. Had pizza. Crocadile pizza :)

omnia_mutantur and wandelrust came over with a PS2 game that takes place in alternative-reality Ancient Greece (hey, it was the only thing they could say to stop me from complaining about time period and historical inacuratness...well, I have to put my B.A. to good use somehow). But the game itself was pretty. And omnia did my dishes b/c she rocks my world!!

Saturday invovled getting up uber-early (for a saturday) and heading down to Six Flags with Aerith, Artemis, and the Frenchman. Was lots and lots of fun. We went on the new "Mr. Six's Pandimonium" which is this nifty spinny coster thing. Going up the first steep incline backwards was definatly a new experiance for me. Also, I was brave and tried the Batman. I liked it until we got to the corkscrews. I don't like being turned upside down by corkscrews. Aerith said he could actually tell when my screams turned from those of enjoyment to those of terror. I started crying when the ride ended. The verdict: loops = good, corkscrews = bad. At least we know this for when we go to other amusement parks. It took us an hour to ride the Superman b/c the seats kept not letting people out of them. I was like, "hey, if i get stuck I want to ride it again" but no one got stuck when we rode.

After Six Flags, I started crashing. We went and got some food, but that didn't help to much. Ended up napping when we got home. Then Aerith, Artemis, and I went out for Cold Stone and visited catling42 at her place of employment. Then came home and watched Pitch Black.

Sunday was spent hanging around the house and doing house type stuff. Grilled dead things for dinner and watched more Carnivale. One episode to go to finish season two. Then had ice cream, which didn't agree with me.

Now it's time to get back to work.
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