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2 months until the wedding. OMG!

I feel like things are progressing at a decent rate (althought sometimes I wish there was a bit more accomplished).

Talked to the officiant today. have a meeting next week.

ordered the "ronnie" shoes, the ones that only came in mediums. They came in last week. The size I got was actually too big length-wise, but the width was ok. so i ordered the half-size down. hurray for 30 day return policies.

also, got the first set of invitations out on saturday. some of you should be getting them soon. as for those of you who may not get them/may get them later, we can only have so many people. We would love to be able to invite all of our friends, but unfortunatly the space is too small. However, we hope that as responses come in we can invite more people. Please don't be offended. Know that we love all of you and want all of you there, but unfortunatly it's not possible.

got some questions e-mailed to the place where the whole thing is taking place. i hope they respond soon.

found out that some of the bridal party's outfits may be done soon. :)

still lots of stuff to do, including writing up the menu, buying a corset type thingy for under the dress ( up for a mall trip at some point?), getting the centerpieces and stuff for the chuppah, working on the ceremony, figure out when the bridal shower, jack and jill and rehearsal/rehearsal dinner will be. yeah, there's a lot to do. but it will all be ok. i'm sure of it.
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