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Monday night aerith and i finished watching season 2 of Carnivale. HOLY FUCK! my brain still hurts soo much. So much to think about. I can't wait for season 3.

Tuesday I really really wanted to go to Haven, but didn't. I think we're one episode away from seeing all the Twin Peaks I've seen.

Last night Aerith and I grilled some chicken and I made chicken and brocolli garlic sauce to go with pasta. And for the first time everything came out perfectly. Hurray!!!

Then we got a bunch of wedding stuff done, including updating all of our registries. Yup, they're pretty much as we want them. :)

Speeking of wedding stuff, we got our first RSVP card back. :) People might actually be coming to this crazy party that i've been planning for so long I almost don't believe it is actually close to happening. And, I have shoes that fit. Funny thing is that they ended up being the shoes I was worried wouldn't fit in this entry.

Also, started talking to people about bridal shower (May 29) and jack&jill (june 4). And contacted Warfield House about ceremony rehearsal & rehearsal dinner (june 17).

still need to contact Village Day Spa in Florence about pre-wedding pampering (if anyone's looking for bridal shower gift certificates to this place would rock!!) and find somewhere near Charlemont to get makeup done the day of.

Lots of little things to do, but things are looking up.
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