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so busy

A lot is going on right now.

Got some important wedding stuff done in the past week and a bit, including going to a ren faire w/aerith's sisters and their kids to get them garb, ordering the centerpieces, aerith MAKING the centerpieces bases, going lingerie (pronounced Ling-er-ee) shopping with Mortis, and meeting with our officiant to go over the ceremony details.

1)Bridal Shower - May 29th, 1pm. my house. potluck & bbq.
2)Jack&Jill party - June 4 at night. more details later.

Also, due to there being an overwhelming amount of (little) things that need to be done...There will be NO Twin Peaks/Movie/Tuesday night gathering for the next few weeks. If you show up at our place, we may not even be there.
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