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weekend of wedding stuff

Yesterday Starr came over and I got to try on my dress w/all the fixings. it fits so perfectly! I look like a princess. And it will bussle easily. I'm so excited.

Then the waters and aerith's had their fittings. I think that everything's going to be so amazing!

I did spend a chunk of yesterday just being sad. Not hurt, not angry, just sad. It was a strange place to be. a very quiet place. A big thanks to everyone for their support.

got to spend some time last night with my Lady. finally got to the end of the Tanith Lee story she was reading me. Very cool.

today omnia_mutantur and wandelrust came over and helped aerith and I assemble the centerpieces for the wedding. Ok, the three of them did most of it and i cleaned up and got laundry done and was generally helpful. The centerpieces came out really amazing. Aerith is just amazing sometimes. well, lots of times. in 6 weekends he'll be my husband. I'm excited.

Things on the almighty to-do list are actually getting done. Hopefully there will be a visit to the florist this week.

right, now time to fold all that laundry and go to bed. ;)

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