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uber-quick update before work

1) umm..people...where are your RSVP cards? You all really do like me and are actually coming, right?? *insert a small amount of nervousness here*
2)Talked to florist. need to call them today as they messed up some of the order...but it should be all good.
3) Rings ordered! Hurray!! They should be in next week at the latest says the jewlery place.
4) Broom aquired. thank you, strumpetone!!! I sat on the broom while wearing my cloak and asked Aerith if he thought I could play for Ravenclaw. :)
5) The last thing for the centerpieces came in yesterday. going to pick them up today.
6) Only a few more things to buy and then lots of lists and stuff to make. I like list making.

queencimmy is graduminating from SLC on Friday! I'm so proud of her. Driving down to NY tomorrow after morning job.

Going well. Survived (mostly) w/out Ms kjpepper in afternoon job.

right, time for work.

tomorrow, sister and STAR WARS!
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