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Jack&Jill party - open invite

Hey y'all,

Come celebrate the upcoming nuptuals of lordaerith and myself at our Jack&Jill party. As we can't invite everyone that we wanted to to the wedding, this is a party for everyone!! We'd love to see as many people as possible there (we know it's a little bit of a short notice).

When - SATURDAY June 4 at 9:30pm
Where - The Spiral Gallery (aka The Frenchman's House)

What else should I know?:
1) If you are seeing this, you're invited.
2) If you're going to drink, we ask that you donate $2-$5.
3) We're going to have a raffle. We got some cool stuff to give out. Tickets will be $1 or $5 for 7.

For more details, including directions, contact queencimmy (her contact info is on her user info page).

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