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a quick check in

While Mom is editing the back pannel of the ceremony program (i love pagemaker), I'm taking two seconds to check in.

Life is crazy, stressful, and insane.

We have almost everything done for the wedding on saturday. tomorrow i go to the salon and get the ceremony programs printed. other than that, all we have are writing the vows, putting together the escort cards, buying 1 thing, making sure everyone who is coming to the ceremony rehearsal knows when it is, and printing up some other stuff.

then of course there's the putting it all together the day before. but really, for all the panic, i feel that we are on top of things.

of course, to really mess things up, this saturday Aerith and I were on our way to Amherst and then we were heading out to eastern ma for a day trip. hoewever, at the intersection in the middle of Hadley, my car made an awful noise and didn't have any accelleration. i pulled into a parking lot and called Toyota's road side assistance. got the car towed to Northampton Toyota. Luckly for us mom came up on wed and has a rental car so she's been chaufuring us around. unluckly, the thing that broke was the main cylindar for the anti-lock breaks. the part didn't come in until today. we figured we might as well have them replace the front break pads as well (since when we took Baby in for her 60,000 mi checkup a few weeks ago they told us the material was low). well, i just got the call a little while ago that she's done, so it's time to pick her up. bleh. didn't need this to happen. it totally through me off.

sunday we went to the PV Ren Faire (or as Cimmy said, "it's so small it's more of a Ren Fai"). Of course, we got poured on, but it was cute and fun.

right, time to get car now.
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