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ups and downs

well, my weekend was full of ups and downs.

First, friday night, Kilean came to a SSFFS meeting and sold so many tickets to HP that we hit the over 100 mark. He actually ran out of tickets and had to go have more made at Kinkos. :)

Then had dinner with Prof and Comedy and Romance class. Was a very good dinner. Ran REALLY REALLY REALLY long! Got a *little* drunk.

However, b/c it ran to 10, Aerith was waiting for me for over 40 min. Poor sweet thing. He got out The Man who would be King from the video store. We watched some of it.

The next day was ok. Got some work done. Aerith had to work. There were about a MILLION people trying to do laundrey at the same time as us. I did find out that Cinemark screwed over D'arcangel productions and the HP showing is going to be on saturday. I felt so bad for everyone who I promised that it would be on friday. :(

Sunday I got some more work done. Then went to ASP meeting. Was me and Petra. Went over to Emi and Syl's and were the "getting shit done" commity.

Then has a SSFFS officers meeting. That went well, EXECPT the end. Amythyst got a headache and then she was dizzy and so i called health services and they sent a policeperson to bring her to Coolie Dic.

But, then came the Collapse into Reason, Bella Morte, Cruxshadows show. OMG, IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! Collapse into Reason sounded GREAT. Then I was in the front dancing for Bella Morte. They played a lot of good songs, but i really didn't know a lot of them. There were some obnoxious guys in the audience who seemed to have been following the band. They were scaring me. After Bella Morte played I went upto the lead singer and congradulated him. He thanked me and then thanked me for being in the front. *G* hehehehe. Then Cruxshadows came on. Holy SHIT! Why have i NEVER seen them before??? They put on the BEST show. I was standing right infront of Stacey, the really beautiful guitarist. Rouge is SO amazing to watch. He walks around the audience and climbs on things and does all kinds of crazy shit! He even got a chair from somewhere in the middle of the Grotto and was standing on it while singing in the middle of the dance floor. After the show I got the band members to sign a poster for me. Stacey said that it was nice to see people smiling the front row *Big Grin*

Today Greek was ok, but on the walk back to the bus stop, DV was really distant. *shrug* must e-mail him soon.

I was late to Acting b/c the printer in WAG was not working so i had to print everything out in B&W and then i waited around to see if they could fix the color printer.

Went to the fleece sale. Bought a headband that covers my ears and some warm socks. Amythyst showed up with her mommy. She had been at some hospital in Springfield and they didn't know what was wrong with her, so she is going on medical leave until after thanksgiving.

Horseback riding was good but cold.

Aerith is here :) game tonight, must go.
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