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Good Samaritan

I was going to write about how over the weekend I bruised my leg on Aerith's shin bone while swimming, went to the mall with artemis42 and kysandra and we all got manacures, and spent a long time in bed on Sunday reading a fantasy book (a bunch of gamers get transported into the world they're gaming in). However, I think i'm going to write about what happened yesterday.

Yesterday on my way home from work, I'm stopped at a stop-light talking with aerith on the phone (bad me, i know...). all of a sudden the lady in the car in front of me gets out of her car and starts to walk towards me. I thinking, "do I know her or something?". She then says that her car stalled out and won't start (we're in the middle lane of Rt. 9 at the lights right next to the mall) and can she borrow my cell phone to make a call. I say "sure," hang up with Aerith, and turn on my blinkers so that the cars behind me know that we're not moving. I give her my cellphone and she goes back to her car to call AAA. I get a little paranoid that she might take my cell phone (city instincts and all) so I take down her plate number. The rest of the cars on the road just go around us (some of them I have to hand signal to...stupid people, can't they see my blinkers are on and i'm not moving??). Only one person says something to me. He lets me know that my blinkers are on. I say that I know that and here's the reason why. But he doesn't stop to help.

After a while I get out of my car and go over to her to make sure everything's ok. AAA says that it can be up to an hour. Stupid AAA people. In the week I worked for them I learned that if someone is in an unsafe location (as she was) then you get someone out there ASAP. I start thinking about possibly pushing her car into a parking lot, but the road is rather busy and I know that i'm not that strong. Just as we are calling 911 to let them know the situation, a cop pulls up to check up on things. She gives me my phone back and I stay just long enough to make sure that things will be ok. Then the cop stops the traffic for me so I can pull around her safely. She calls out good-bye and thank you as I leave.

We never exchanged names. I'm just that young lady who helped her out when her car wouldn't start. The thought of that makes me smile.

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