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my dream last night:
I walked into this building and there was a short hallway with some of the members of my Greek class standing there (I guess we had a meeting or something). Then I was lying on a couch (I think I had jumped over the back of it) and DV leaned down and kissed me on the lips. He told me that he got my e-mail and it was ok.

Then we (the whole class) were outside and everyone else had formed into two teams. I wasn't on a team yet, but DV pulled my hand so that I was on his team. Then we started throwing things (maybe leaves) at each other in some sort of fun throwing stuff war. I took off my blue backless birks at some point. All of a sudden I looked at my watch and knew that Hamp-girl was waiting for me to head back to Smith. So I ran down the hill (but it wasn't the normal Amherst hill, it was much longer and steeper). Halfway there I realized that i had left my shoes at the top of the hill, but it was starting to rain and i was already late.

She was waiting for me at the bottom of the hill and I got in her car and we left to get Aerith. But then I told her that I had to get my shoes. She offered to wait for me, but I yelled at her to pick up Aerith and come back for me because we were already really really late and I knew that he would be angry. So I jumped out of the car (which was stopped at a stop light) and I had to run up TONS of stairs in the rain. But my shoes were there and I got them and put them on and then went back down the hill where Hamp-girl and Aerith were waiting for me. I don't think they were mad at me, but I kept apologising to Hamp-girl for yelling at her, even though she said it was ok and she wasn't mad at me.
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