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divacup day two - a bit of a scare

Today I wore my cup all day at work without empting it. I came home and pulled it out just fine (it's getting easier every time) to find out that yup, in 10 hours I bleed about 1/8 oz. As I had been feeling a little bit of the stem here and there at work, I decided to trim it a bit more after I cleaned it. I put it back in, no problem, and then check to make sure that it opened up. Somehow in checking I pushed it really far into me, somewhat under my cervix (see, it was still folded). I tried to get it back out again, but I couldn't quite get my fingers around it. I start thinking that I trimmed it too far, that it won't come out and i'll have to see the doctor, etc. etc. But, trying not to panic, I spend some time trying to get it out. Nothing's working. And I'm starting to feel like I'm scratching up my insides. I finally call to lordaerithmy husband. to see if he can help me. While he's reading through the instructions I try again and am finally able to get it out. phew. I clean it again and put it back in carefully. It goes to just where it's supposed to and spins open. But I'm still a little shaken. At least I know if it does go in too high I am able to get it out.

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