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So I did it twice. Sue me.

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1) What would you do if autumnlaughing died? be very sad!
2) What video game does msfrizz remind you of? pokemon
3) What animal does daobear remind you of? a werewolf
4) Is autumnlaughing athletic? she dances
5) If queencimmy had a superpower, what would it be? the power to make everyone like her
6) Are labmouse and wabres going steady? no
7) What exotic animal would gimletgrey like as a pet? not sure...
8) How long would quisalan dating gimletgrey last? 3 months
9) Do rogueactor and crowgoddess go to the same school? nope
10) What would deravyn give reverendtom for his/her birthday? something computer related
11) How would kysandra kill pyramus? with poison
12) Is blueraccoon a college student? not any more
13) What do you disagree with nireena about? how to spell our name
14) Would you make out with blueraccoon? hells yes
15) Is laynamarya introverted or extroverted? a bit of both
16) What would you do if you found out mortisnightmare has a crush on you? she does. too bad about that boyfriend... ;)
17) Does darktouch have a dog? no, but his wife dog-sits sometimes
18) Does gimletgrey have a crush on muninwing? no...that'd be funny
19) Is starlighte popular? i'm not sure
20) Would labmouse and queencimmy make a good couple? probably not
21) What languages does reverendtom speak? english, l33t, nerd
22) If deravyn was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? Dr Doom
23) Does omnia_mutantur do drugs? legal - yes, illigal - no
24) Does doctorjekyll have a big secret? probably
25) Where did you first meet nireena? SSFFS
26) Does walkingundine travel a lot? nope
27) Has thecyclops dyed their hair? oh yes.
28) Is gimletgrey a high school student? nope
29) Is sophiescat your best friend? no
30) Would daobear be a better ninja or pirate? pirate
31) If omnia_mutantur commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? orcs
32) Does prenatalbrat smoke? only when set on fire
33) How would msfrizz conquer the world? one cookie at a time
34) What is alysonwonderlan's shoe size? 8?
35) When did you last call nireena? 3 years ago, when she was working at ITS
36) What do you agree with blueraccoon about? getting married is stressfull but cool
37) What is purplegryphon's favorite band/artist? no clue
38) Do you think reverendtom is hot? he's so pretty :)
39) How many monkeys could muninwing fight at once and win against? 3
40) What animal should omnia_mutantur be combined with? a tiger

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
1) Would you set up naturedude and catling42? nope. one has a girlfriend.
2) What comic book character would naturedude be? Latin man
3) If autumnlaughing was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? that clown from the power puff girls who pulls the color out of everything
4) Where was adan_ born? no idea
5) Where did you first meet omnia_mutantur? Haven when it was at Pearl Street
6) Have you ever dated sophiescat? no
7) What is quisalan's favorite band/artist? no idea
8) Which president would athanata be likely to idolize? T. Jefferson
9) Have you flirted with alysonwonderlan? yup
10) How would threegee kill darktouch? violently
11) jagienka's eye color? blue, i think
12) What would you do if walkingundine died? cry a lot
13) Is laynamarya 1337? n0+ 5|_|r3
14) If sundart commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Smithies
15) Where was daobear born? Nawlins, darlin
16) Would autumnlaughing go out with quisalan? there's sort of this large ocean between them
17) Is zisa athletic? I don't think so
18) Is wandelrust a nerd? hells yes...dork!
19) What flavor of jello would labmouse be? raspberry
20) Has alysonwonderlan dyed their hair? I think so.
21) Do you think lordaerith is hot? I do. he's really sexy and cute and I married him, didn't I?
22) Does crowgoddess drink? yes
23) Do you have a crush on zisa? not anymoe, but she's still my WBS Cantina wife
24) What word best describes blueraccoon? not-my-girlfriend
25) Does nireena travel a lot? she has
26) How long would reverendtom dating laynamarya last? 1 week
27) Is lordaerith friends with rhiannondance? yes
28) Is sophiescat an emo? an emu???
29) What color should chrisvenus dye their hair? bright pink!
30) How many monkeys could athanata fight at once and win against? 5
31) Does sylvanstargazer have a dog? not currently
32) What would you do if you found out malkierie has a crush on you? think it was cute
33) Did danowar break up with you? no
34) If aenelein and quisalan were spliced together, what would be its name? kentyna
35) Which of your friends should kjpepper go out with? sundart. in fact, i think they should get married
36) What planet should raven_lenore be from? some kick ass one filled with amazon like women
37) If artemis42 and ionia_dreaming were siamese twins, where would they be joined? from shoulder to hip
38) What is artemis42 allergic to? nothing I can think of...but she does have sinus problems
39) Is sophiescat related to sundart? not unless you count being Smithies as a relation
40) One thing you can't stand about crowgoddess? she and I aren't better friends
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