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a better day

Yesterday was better.

The Frenchman came over and took me flying (aka riding on his bike). I'm quickly falling in love with riding on the back of a motercycle. I was smiling the whole time and I believe there was some squeeling of delight when he went reallyfast. Of course with the padding in the helmet pressed into my cheeks when I smiled, it made my smiling muscles hurt. They still hurt when I smile, but in a good way :) And he said he would help me with my helping Katrina people idea. :)

Then omnia_mutantur and wandelrust showed up with a Nindento Cube thingy and Donkey Konga. I made cupcakes and we played. I'm getting better...sometimes. Then we watched A Beautiful Mind. It's a pretty amazing film.

I've been listening to New Orleans music almost non-stop for the past few days
Tags: donkey konga, flying, katrina, new orleans

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