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my night night went very well. No crying and yet no bouncing off walls. just a sence that everything is right.

I met PurpleD (my new name for DV - since i didn't like DV anyway) at the Amherst bus stop and went to the lecture with him. It was a good lecture (well, the second half anyway) and I enjoyed myself. Then we went back to his place and hung out. Eventually I brought up the subject of polyamory and our relationship and everything. We had a LLLOOOO00000NNGG talk. I tried to explain how i felt about the whole thing and he explained his pov and how religion is important to him and stuff is to him. We also talked about his "deep dark past" which isn't really all that bad in my pov, but i won't discuss it here b/c it is private. Basically, the end of this discussion was that 1. we were going to be really good friends and 2. it was time to get food.

So, we were walking into the center of Amhest holding hands and he said something was hurt and i said something about kissing it better. Then he pulled me to him and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. My heart jumped and I freeked. I looked him square in the eyes and told him that he was NEVER EVER to do that again unless he wanted to be in a relationship with me, or at least date me. I think I scared him a little, but i was scared too.

We went to a chinese place for dinner. It was nice. I tried his squid. it was slimy. Over dinner I realized that while I like PurpleD a lot, there is no way I could EVER date him in more than a Lan sort of way. We just aren't interested in the same things. It just wouldn't work.

I was convinced more of this when I was hanging out in his room after dinner. I think that we are going to be good friends and very affectionate friends, but nothing more.

I am glad this evening turned out so well. I'm glad it was all resolved in a good way and I neither of us were hurt. I'm glad it's over and I am sure of PurpleD's and my relationship.

Now I just want to go to bed. I wish i was with Aerith. He is the best person in the world to cuddle with!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!! :):):):) *Happy, glad the world is working out well Smile*
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