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ba ba meme sheep

Some memes:

LJ Interests meme results

  1. and of course cyberweasels:
    and of course cyberweasels
  2. audrey hepburn:
    Audrey...what can one really say about her? She came from Belgium and was amazingly graceful, beautiful, talented, I could go on and on. She really is my idol. Sometimes I wished I looked like her.
  3. classical studies:
    My major at Smith. And now i can say "would you like fries with that" in an ancient dead language.
  4. k's choice:
    my favorite band ever. They came from Belgium. I have all of their albums. They toured with Lilith Tour and the Indigo Girls, but the only time I saw them they were opening for Alanis and I didn't know who they were then. I bought their teeshirt anyway because I liked it.
  5. malcolm reynolds:
    Captin of a Firefly class starship called Serenity. To find out more, come to the Firefly marathon this weekend and/or see Serenity, in theaters September 30th!
  6. matt barth sucks:
    Ok, once and for all: Matt Barth = pyramus. He thinks it would be funny if everyone wore tee-shirts saying "Matt Barth Sucks" and posting pictures of themselves in said tees on the internet. thus some of us now have said tees and soon there will be pictures and hopefully more tees and more pictures and then it will take over the world.
  7. noho:
    Short for Northampton. Where I went to college and where I currently live. It's full of punk kids, not-so-dirty hippies, and lesbians. I love it.
  8. queen of wands:
    One of the best webcomics ever.
    Sadly, Aerie ended it, but is now reruning it with comintary on each strip.
  9. role-playing games: a gamer dork and thus play role-playing games. Both LARPs and with dice. I met my husband at a Vampire LARP. You don't get much more into RPGs than that.
  10. star wars:
    It's been an influence on my life since I was 3 or 4. I remember playing Star Wars with the boys in nursary school. I was Leia. Have seen all the movies. Have a Darth Vader and a Princess Leia tee-shirt.

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btw, = Fred Astaire
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