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super-secret arts and crafts!

At work we've been working on a project/contest that we're revealing to the staff on friday. This project has involved lots of arts and crafts (and some shopping...we like shopping). Yesterday I got to do lots and lots of cutting. Espcially of printed leaf clusters. lots of them. And everyone wanted to know what it was for. I had to tell them that it was super-secret arts and crafts week in Marketing *grin*. Then today we cut out cardboard tree trunks, painted them, glued the leaf clusters that we cut out onto them and then hot glues real leaves on top of the flat leaf clusters. In total we made 4 trees. It was a lot of fun. But my boss wouldn't let me play with the very large box cutter...wonder why... :)

Oh, and my boss and grand-boss took me out for lunch and there was cake afterwards.

All birthdays where one has to go to work should be this fun.
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