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Yes, I'm a super-fan girl, what of it?

Being the SUPER fangirl that I am, at 4pm on Friday, I changed into my "River" outfit, and headed over to the mall. At 4:30 I started the line for the 7:10 showing of Serenity. I talked to the Cinemark people and played a PERFECT game of solitare on my iPod and read some of a very old MAD magazine that sundart gave me. And, because I was the only one there, I got the extra Serenity poster that the movie theater got. Go me!

At about 5:20 or so some other Browncoats showed up. They were mad because some of them wanted to get there earlier, but their friends told them that noone would be there that early. HA! Then a guy in a Jayne's hat showed up. Then more people (including people I know - like my husband - showed up). Since we were first in line we were able to take the whole first row up above the middle aisle :) I won't say much about the movie. But it was just as good as the last time and I really like what they did with the soundtrack.

After the movie, I said hi to people who were at the showing we went to and the next showing. Then headed to visit da girl *grin*

Today we went to Pagan Pride Day in Amherst. It was ok. I think we got there after a lot of people had left :( But we got to see ms kjpepper and bring calzones home for dinner which we ate while watching more Kindred:the Embarased or Vampire 90120.
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