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Some of my mom's friends are going into her house today to survay the damage done by Katrina and her aftermath. They're taking a camera with them. We're going to be able to see what happened to her house. All of a sudden, i'm scared. I know knowing is better than not knowing, but what if it's worse that what we hoped for. This is why i didn't want to hope.

Saw a picture from a cell phone of the front of her house. It doesn't look bad at all. Actually, it looks just like her house, only slightly dirtier and the grass is gone and the tree and bushes look bare. But the roof is there. I couldn't tell if my bedroom window was broken. It may have been, but w/cell phone pictures, it's hard to tell.

Today aerith and i are going to this thing for my work. We were going to try to go into boston to see Mirrormask, but we are low on $$ this month, so no boston for us. *pout*
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