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A week in review

So, I meant to post and meant to post, and now I finally have a moment...I hope.

Wed (of LAST week): Took a half-day off from work. Came home and woke up artemis42, who had spent the night. We talked about all manner of things for two hours or so. Then ran to the store for a box of Lucky Charms (b/c i wanted them RIGHT THEN and as an adult with a car and a debit card I can have Lucky Charms whenever I want. so there!). Of course I forgot that the store was going to be crazy busy w/people, but I had msfrizz's good parking karma with me. Came home, ate said Lucky Charms, cleaned up the house, etc.

Thursday (Thanksgiving day): Woke up with lordaerith *wink*, and then went downstairs to see the Macy's Day Parade while he went back to bed. Openned the shades and immediatly ran back into the bedroom crying "Ningit" ("It's snowing" in Latin). Watched the Parade on NBC HD. Although I did seet the bit from Wicked on CBS. After the parade was over we started the cooking. This is what was made:
  • Turkey (5½ lb breast only)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Vegitarian Stuffing
  • Corn bread (my first time ever making it...a little dry, but pretty good)
  • Butternut Squash (the squash came from a co-worker's garden)
  • cranberry sauce
  • creamed onions (I didn't eat these as the main things seemed to be cream, cheese, more cream, and more cheese)
  • gravey (one with turkey drippings and one without)

Dinner was ready about 3:30 or so. After the three of us (yes...all that food for only three people), had stuffed ourselves silly, we fell onto the couch and watched Clueless (which artemis had never seen before).

After that we went over to omnia_mutantur and wandelrust's for dessert. There we had omnia's fabulous pies (apple, raspberry, and chocolate cheesecake) and some of aerith's famous ice creams (vanilla w/chocolate covered pisachios and chocolate w/chocolate covered almonds). We played DDR and Chrononauts.

Friday: I had to work. It was weird. It was like monday & friday. no one knew the day. Then at night aerith and I went to Shelbour Falls for their candle light walk around town. Went to Mother's for soup where we ran into the Warfield House Inn people (we had NO idea they'd be there...honest...). Such good soup. And it was warm. Then we headed up to visit artemis at her work in VT. hehehe. I went home with the lady. There her roommate tried to use a straight iron to straighten my was almost straight...still a little wavy. It looked so weird. We didn't take any pictures though.

Saturday we met up with aerith, omnia, and wandel for RENT! Ah RENT! I had flashbacks to being in London in the spring of 98 sitting front row center for the london previews and having Jesse singing "I'll Cover You (Reprise)" right in front of me. I remember he was crying. He must have performed RENT! hundreds of times by then, but he still cried. It was a very good movie adaptation. I really liked what they did with it and i understand why they made the choices they did.
Later we went to strumpetone and greenie's place (since they live SO far away) for a umm...toy party *wink* mmm...comfy chair...*giggle*
Then aerith went to visit artemis and I watched Benny and Joon b/c i had to make sure that Encore onDemand was working. Then i headed back over to strumpet's for another party. Talked with a really cute theater chick for a while...we were trying to come up with "Dirty Clue." I was probably the only person who got to kill her drink just before leaving. *Grin*

Sunday was putter around the house, do clean up and stuff for me day.

Monday was relax and do more stuff for me day. Aeirth made us open faced turkey smamaches.

Tuesday: came home from work and took a nap. Then got up, ate, and then went out to Haven's Pirate Ball. Dressed all pirate-y. Had a pretty good time. Got to see lots of people. Left before addam played the pirate music we gave him.

Wed: was v. tired at work, but made it through. was v. tired at home. vegged on couch watching VH1 and crochetting.

Today: Work was good. Too much stuff happening next tuesday, but will get everyhting done for it (i hope). Tonight I went to a poetry reading at Smith by Brenda Osbey, the Poet Laureate of Louisiana. She was very good. Her poems have these amazing narratives to them. Tomorrow she's giving a talk on black culture in New Orleans. Lord, I miss my city. New pictures of my mother's house can be found here.

And now, bed.
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