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so yesterday I decorated a dragon cake that i maked the day before for Kiten b/c it was her birthday. I worked really hard on the decoration, and it came out looking really good. I took pictures (i know, it's a little silly taking pictures of a cake, but it really is like a work of art).

Of course it was sooo hot at her place that the icing was melting somewhat. but that's ok. everyone who had some really liked it. that makes me happy because i really like baking (even if i don't like cleaning up the mess i make). Nothing can be better than people eating what you make (i always cook from scratch) and saying "wow, this is really good" and they did that last night. :)

I think I'm going to try to bake more this summer.

I also met this girl Avi at the party. we really hit it off, talking non-stop, interupting each other, telling stories and stuff. I think i want to get her number and call her up to hang out sometime.
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