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Year meme

While aerith puts the printer back together,
my year in month first lines

January: Happy New Year to one and all.
February: Fun Meme
March: Got home about an hour ago.
April: saw Ice Princess last night with safire, omnia, and strumpet.
May: A lot is going on right now.
June: arrrrgh!! stress!! I know there isn't too much more to be done, but sometimes it feels like there is and i'm worried that it won't all come together and i'm worried about lots of things and stuff and i feel like i don't have time to work on everything and go to work and make dinner and clean up the house and arrgh and george visiting isn't helping.
July: Yesterday was my last day of work at eclecTechs.
August: Friday night Cinemark in Hadley is showing Princess Bride at midnight. *squeee*
September: I just made this icon.
October: Being the SUPER fangirl that I am, at 4pm on Friday, I changed into my "River" outfit, and headed over to the mall.
November: So, once again, we proved that I'm a huge dork.
December: So, I meant to post and meant to post, and now I finally have a moment...I hope.

Let's see...what have we figured out? I go to the movies, I got married (and it kept me really busy), and I'm a dork/fan girl who used to work for a computer place. :)
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