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New Year

Happy New Year to one and all.

Had a good time last night. lordaerith, artemis42, and I went out to oubliette_ and Zale's party out in the middle of nowhere. I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch that were much appreciated (the trick is to use salted butter and no salt). Of course it was snowing like crazy. We had some trouble getting the car up to the house (off-roading in a Toyota is fun...). There weren't a lot of people there, but the people who were were pretty cool. I knew most of them only marginally, so it was nice to get to meet more of them. Flirted with a girl who has the same name as queencimmy, which was weird. Wanted to get in the hot tub and/or go sledding, but ended up being too chilly by the end of the night to dare to attempt either one. Made it home through the snow and everything.

I guess I should say something about the last year/next year.

Well, last year I got married, started a relationship with a wonderful woman, had a relationship with a wonderful man end amicably, got my first full-time job with benefits in over a year and a half, spent a three days in a complete state of awe as my city was flooded and a few months worrying about mold in my mother's house and everything that I've left there, decided on some important life stuff, and got a laptop.

I'm excited to start my first full year of being aerith's wife. Hopefully there will be some big changes for us happening. I've already started working on putting some of them in motion (no, I'm not pregnant). I want to try to re-kindle some of my friendships that I feel are slipping. And I want to try to work-out more often.

I think I'll start off the new year by making waffles for my loves.
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