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good weekend, so far

After having an incredibly insane week at work, due to the launch of a new product this coming monday, this weekend has been so what I needed it to be.

Friday I came home and chilled for a while and then went to drum and dance. I tried to get lordaerith to come with me, but he wasn't feeling up to it. Had a pretty good time there. When I first started dancing I just let all the tension from the last week out and got lost in the rhythm of the drums. Found out just how out of shape I am though. couldn't really dance for long periods of time. Talking to people was good too. Met some people who have been doing relief work down in New Orleans. that was nifty. Also, autumnlaughing really liked my outfit, which made me happy. Also got to see people, which was nice. even saw someone I knew from Smith, whom I haven't seen in ages. About half way though the evening I started getting all these weird doubts about people's perception of me and stuff, and i couldn't get them out of my head. it was somewhat distracting from the dance. Sat on the floor at the edge of the dance space. Ended up hanging out there with kiten and adan_ (hindu god *G*). Got some more dancing in and had a good conversation with another pagan classicist who's been to Europe too.

got home to find my man in bed...and well, that's another story. :)

Saturday Aerith and I went out shopping and then headed down to kiten and doctorjekyll's party. on the way, we stopped by a video game store and picked up Karakoe Revolution Volume 3. After hanging out with everyone at the party for a while, we started up the game. OMG! So much fun. everyone was singing and having a blast. I don't think we laughed that hard in a good long while. and both msbutterpecan and lordq42 got perfect scores. We played both volume 3 and party (volume 4). I so want volume 1 and 2 and another mic so we can do duets.

I think that Aerith and I need to host a karaoke party here sometime soon. with lots of alcohol and singing. :)

This morning I got to talk to the Mad Russian, who is getting married in May. eee. i'm so excited for her. I think that everyone who was at my wedding knows how much her fiance wanted to marry her by the way he jumped for the garter. :)

now it's time to get on to other things (and by that I mean watch aerith play The Bard's Tale)
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