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OMG! Can it be next weekend already??

OMG, so much insanity!!

So, yesterday after work I took artemis42 to the ER b/c she was running a fever and was slightly delirious. 3+ hours in the waiting room and a bit more time in the room (I was reading her the Mage book out loud...I bet we were the biggest dorks there) they knew it wasn't pneumonia, but it was some sort of sinus infection and bronchitis, but is not the flu either. Drove her to get her prescription filled and then brought her home and tucked her into bed.

today work was absolutely insane. by the end of the day I had some sort of dazed dear-in-headlights look. tomorrow will probably be insane also. at least artemis42 was kind enough to let me do a brain dump on her when i got home.

Now we're about to go get artemis's car.

i'll finish this later.
Tags: insanity, stress, work

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