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windows and flowers and the weekend (long)

I just got back from the bathroom and there was a little flower on my keyboard and a note saying "Jason was here :) " It's amazing how little things like that can just put the biggest smile on someone's face. I wonder if he's going to show up again. He is a lot of fun. and he has the two teath next to his upper front teeth missing, just like my sister does (but she has a retainer w/the teeth on them. she can pop it out and make really funny faces with it - like the rancor from SW:ROTJ)

talking about the bathroom...the one at work has this window that is partway infront of the stall part and it looks out onto Elm Street. Now, normally, i'm just like whatever and close the shade when i go to the bathroom. but recently the shade (which is on one of those annoying pullstrings) has chosen NOT to work. so there i am going to the bathroom and when i stand up i'm worried that someone will see me. probably not, but there is construction across the way and i've read enough stuff about secret web-cams to be nervous.

the weekend was fun.

Friday: wyldeblade and his friend drove up from NY. Aerith knew they were coming but forgot to tell ThreeGee and I. Oh well. And Aerith and I got the Nerf Guns that Adan was talking about in his journal. fun fun fun.
Then we went to a party for Dave. there were a lot of people there, including this girl Lisa who i used to hang out with a lot and then disapeared for a few years. It was sooooo cool to see her again!!!

Saturday: Went to the first Miller's Reach event of the season. It was supposed to be this big two day thing, but it started raining really badly and there were flood warnings and stuff so we left. But before then I helped bring magic back. that made me happy because i usually feel that my character isn't that important, but he(she) was at this event :) :) :) :)
Since it got cancled, a bunch of us went back to our place and we hung out and watched Tank Girl on DVD. I LOVE THAT MOVIE SOOO MUCH. Aerith and ThreeGee were about to kill me b/c i kept quoting along with it. tee-hee-hee.

Sunday: Aerith and I did some MAJOR cleaning of our room. hurray, there is floor space. maybe he won't be so cranky anymore.
I got to talk to my mommy for a while which was cool. she's started reading the Harry Potter books. Hurray. My mom's not a huge reader. I hope she really likes them.
Then Kiten called and we ended up picking her up and going swimming. we had WAY too much fun, teasing with the lifeguard, fliping, doing handstands. Kiten and Aerith could stand on the little ball, but i had a lot of trouble doing it. Maybe i just weigh too little.
Then A LOT of people came over and we made way too much food and hung out. I played Blackmore's Night for people and we watched some Cowboy Bebop :)
The funniest thing was when i walked into the living room and there were 4 people all reading magazines. I felt like it was a doctor's office or something.

So, all in all it was a good weekend and so far it's been a pretty good day.
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