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Brokeback Mountain

Over the weekend we took omnia_mutantur and wandelrust to see Brokeback Mountain. It was amazing and beautiful and everyone should see it.

Today I read a copy of the short story. It was also amazing and beautiful.

I have lots of half thoughts about this story. One of the things I really liked was how close the movie stayed to the story. It made reading it almost like watching it again. And I got to pick up most of the dialog that I couldn't understand when they mumbled.

I guess what i got from the movie was just confirmed by the story. that it is much more about Ennis than Jack. As I said to aerith, Jack is queer, but Ennis isn't.

"if you can't fix it you've got to stand it." the last line of the story. that really sums it up right there. What makes it a tragedy. because it couldn't be fixed. because they couldn't have done things any differently. I wanted Jack to be more careful. I was silently begging him to be, but i knew that it wouldn't help.

ennis never tried to fix anything. he just stood for it. Got himself in a loop as you will. The problem with society. they say, "do this 'cause it's expected of you" so you do. then you're stuck in a loop and you can't fix it. or you wanna fix it but you don't know how to or are scared to. I pray to the goddess that that never happens to me.

"jack, I swear..." would ennis have done things differently? I don't think so. is that the tragedy. in some ways. would it have been as good if they could have been together? of course not. they both would have gotten the tire iron then and it would have been a different tragedy.

***mom called. i've lost my train of thought. i'm sure i could get it back, but i'm not sure if i have anything more to say in any coherent fashion.
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